MariaDB Tutorials [Beginners + Advanced]

In response to the issues caused by Oracle acquiring MySQL, the original MySQL developers developed MariaDB. MariaDB is one of the well-known Relational Database Management Systems (RDMS) in the market.

So, if you want to get started with MariaDB, this is the right place for you.

In this tutorial, you will get a detailed guide covering the introduction and advanced topics of MariaDB. As a result, we will also help you become very familiar with its administration and programming.

This MariaDB Tutorial will explain both fundamental and more complex aspects of MariaDB. Starting from some beginner-friendly concepts.

MariaDB Beginners Guide

This MariaDB section will discuss some of the simple and helpful topics to get started with MariaDB. Additionally, it will also provide an easy-to-follow guide related to installing MariaDB Server, creating databases, tables, users, and more.

We’ll keep adding all the most recent MariaDB tutorials to this section.

Here are the MariaDB beginners tutorials:

MariaDB Constraints

After learning how to get started with databases and tables in MariaDB, the next step is to understand various constraints that we can apply to a MariaDB Table.

So, this section will help you understand different constraints in MariaDB like Primary key, unique key, foreign key, etc. And also discuss multiple examples related to them

MariaDB Data Manipulation

In the MariaDB basic tutorials, we understand everything about MariaDB tables.

Once we understood how to create a database and table, and manipulate table structure, we will move to the next phase and understand data manipulation in MariaDB.

This section will illustrate how to use different clauses and operators with the SELECT statement. Here is the complete list of tutorials that you can follow to get a better insight of MariaDB.

By studying this set of MariaDB tutorials, you will get a complete understanding of data manipulation in MariaDB. And then you can move forward toward various built-in functions that are available in MariaDB.

Working with functions in MariaDB

The MariaDB Server comes with many built-in functions that can help in making the life of a Database administrator easy.

So, this MariaDB section will tell you about various useful and important built-in functions of a MariaDB instance. Moreover, we will also discuss how we can create a user-defined function in MariaDB.

By the end of this section, we will get a clear idea of how to use functions like row_number(), substring(), cast(), and also how to create a user-defined function.

Working with Joins in MariaDB

In this section, we will understand and learn how to work with joins in MariaDB. Moreover, each tutorial in this section covers multiple examples related to MariaDB JOINS.

Note: Please note that we keep updating all these tutorials to provide easy to understand MariaDB tutorials.

Advanced MariaDB Tutorials

This MariaDB section will cover some of the high-level topics of Database Management Systems in MariaDB. Here we will discuss topics like how to create functions, stored procedures, and triggers in MariaDB.

By the end of this section, you will get a good understanding of how to use MariaDB Server for all your database and database administrative requirements.