How to Install SQL Server 2022 Express Edition

Do you want to know how to install SQL Server 2022 Express edition? No worries. In this SQL Server tutorial, I will show you a simple and easy way to install it on your PC.

As a database developer or beginner, you must have proper knowledge about installing the SQL Server Express edition.

Let’s get started.

SQL Server Express Edition

SQL Express server is a free database edition from Microsoft. Generally, an SQL server is a database management system used to store and access information stored in many different databases. It has a database mainly used for small-scale applications. When required, it can be upgraded to any paid edition, and it depends upon the user.

Benefits of SQL Server Express Edition

Below are the benefits of SQL Server Express.

  • The main advantage of SQL Server Express is that it is free of cost.
  • It will protect our data if anything goes wrong because, within SQL Server Express, online backup is available for free.
  • Using automated patching, you can schedule a maintenance window when important Windows and SQL Server updates are automatically installed.

Limitations of SQL Server Express Edition

Every application has both pros and cons. Below are some of the limitations.

  • It has only 1 GB of memory used by the database engine at maximum.
  • 10GB is the maximum size of each relational database.
  • It has a 1MB maximum buffer cache, which is too small.
  • SQL Agent is not included in Express.
  • The relational database engine is limited to the lesser of 1 socket or 4 crores.

How to Install SQL Express Server Edition

To install the SQL Express server edition, follow the below steps.

Step 1- Download SQL Server Express from the link and click Download Now under

How to Install Express Server Edition 2022

Step 2 – Now, it will ask for confirmation to make the changes on your PC. Click Yes to proceed to the next step. [Here we are using Custom]

Step 3 – Download the installer. It has 3 options.

  • Basic – Install server with default options.
  • Custom – This option allows you to select the components to install. You can also select several other options, such as SSIS, SSAS, DQS, MDS, and other features.
  • Download Media – This lets you download the installer and run the install later.
Install SQL Express edition 2022

Step 4 – Now, choose the location and click Install.

Install Express Edition 2022

Step 5 – Now, it will start downloading the package.

SQL Express edition 2022 Installation

Step 6 – Here, you will get the message that the Download is successful.

Step 7 – The SQL Server Installation Center page will open. Here, select the New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation.

SQL Server Installation Express Edition 2022

Step 8 – Accept the terms and conditions by clicking the checkbox and Next.

Installation of SQL Server Express Edition

Step 9 – Tickmark the checkbox and click Next.

Install Express Edition SQL Server

Step 10 – Now, the Install Rules page will appear. Click Next to proceed further.

SQLServer Express Edition 2022

Step 11 – Here, uncheck the tickbox beside Azure Extension for SQL Server and click Next.

SQL Server Installation 2022

Step 12 – Make sure the tickbox is checked. If not, tickmark the appropriate checkbox and click Next.

SQL Express Edition 2022 Install

Step 13—Provide the Named Instance and Instance ID as you wish. I have used the default name. Click Next.

How to Install SQL Server Edition 2022

Step 14 – Give the password confirmation check Mixed Mode (SQL Server authentication and Windows authentication), and click Next to proceed further.

Server Express SQL Edition

Step 15 – Now you will get an Install successful message. Click Close.

Installation of SQL Express Edition

Note – Restart your computer and see the changes.

Test Connection SQL Server Express

To check the connection or connect to SQL Server, open the command prompt or terminal on your computer and then type sqlcmd, as shown in the picture below.

Install Express Edition 2022

As soon as you hit enter from your keyboard, something appears like this: 1>, which indicates that you are connected to the SQL Server and can now execute your query.


I hope this SQL Server tutorial helped you install the SQL Server 2022 Express edition and learn its benefits and limitations. You also learned how to connect to the SQL Server through the command prompt or terminal by using the sqlcmd command.

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