Oracle Datetime Datatype

Using the datetime datatype in oracle 21c

In Oracle Database, there is a wide range of data types available to store different types of data. One such datatype is Datetime. The most recent version of the well-known database management system utilised by companies around the globe is called Oracle 21c. The Datetime datatype in Oracle 21c is among the most significant data … Read more >>

Oracle Long Datatype

using the long datatype in oracle 21c

In this Oracle tutorial, we will learn about the Long datatype in the oracle database. Also, we will illustrate how to use it to create Long columns for a table in oracle. Introduction to Oracle Long Datatype Oracle 21c is a powerful database management system that offers a wide range of data types to store and … Read more >>

Oracle Sdo_Geometery Datatype

Sdo_Geometry datatype

This article will explore the Sdo_Geometery data type in Oracle 21c, including its syntax, advantages, and example usage. Introduction to Oracle Sdo_Geometery Datatype Oracle uses the data type SDO GEOMETRY to store and work with spatial data. It is a feature of the Oracle Spatial and Graph option, which enables database users to work with … Read more >>